Tuesday, June 13, 2006

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"The Sparrow-hogs and the spider warriors," says the commentator moments before South Korea and Togo start their World Cup dream.
I do not know how he gets this information. About Togo I cannot say to much either, this is their first appearance in the World cup finals. The team, coached by the German 'Otto fisher', will have to write their World Cup history, today.
I do know that today can give another little Dutch victory. The fourth Dutch coach enters the stage of the 2006 World Cup. Dick Advocaat took over from Guus Hiddink coaching the South Koreans. After the success of reaching the semi-finals in 2002, the world Cup dream has made a strong hold in South Korea. I hope that Dick can deliver.
The pre-coverage starts, I see no roof shadows on the field like in other games. "The roof is closed," says the commentator. He explains how people complaint about the television coverage, where the viewer has to track the ball through a maze of shadows. So the sun is burning onto a closed roof, it is going to be a hot day.
The game starts slow, slower then any of the games so far. Korea seems to have the most control, although the first attack comes from Togo. Fifteen minutes into the game a striker of Togo tries to find the ball that is crossed into the penalty box, he is way off.
"A swimming pool dive," says the commentator.
Korea gets their first serious attack a minute later. A striker crosses the ball low back in front of the goal.
"Across the face of goal," says the commentator.
Sadly that is all to be said about the attack, no other man touched the ball.
"A Tangling and stuttering start," says the commentator.
He is right. I do not get much material to write about, so far the game is not very eventful.
Then, from deep in their own half, Togo extends a pass to midway. A fast short sprint is finished with a strike on goal.


A hard blow for Korea, but they do not choke. They counter dangerously, several times.
"It seemed to have acted as a stimulant for Korea."
However, just before halftime, Togo creates the best chance for another goal. A Free kick from twenty meters finds a hole in the Korean wall, and the keeper has to come of his feet to defend the goal.
Korea stays active, but it remains one nil at half time.
Both teams start fiercer the second half, and drama sets to the stage in the 52 minute. Abalo of Togo tackles a Korean player, 15 meter in front of the goal.
"Tackled to prevent a goal scoring opportunity," says the commentator.
He is right again, red card. The ball fired from the free kick that follows, finds a hole in the wall of Togo. Drama on drama, for Togo.


The game fires up.
"Now Korea with the wind in their sails," says the commentator.
"The game has really warmed up in the second half," he says moments later as Togo shoots on target.
There are organized attacks, potentially lethal, of both sides. But it is Korea, who breaks through.
"An absolute blast," calls the commentator the kick that puts the ball in the top left corner


How boring the game started, how spectacular it finished. Nevertheless, it stayed two- one. Well done Dickie.